Rainer E. Zimmermann: Nothingness as Ground and Nothing but Ground. Schelling’s Philosophy of Nature

Produktinformationen "Rainer E. Zimmermann: Nothingness as Ground and Nothing but Ground. Schelling’s Philosophy of Nature"

Transcendental materialism, essentially starting from Schelling’s philosophy, is one which deals with the re-actualization of a project that has its origin within the Tübingen axiomatic (basically developed at the time in the vicinity of Hölderlin, Schelling, Hegel). This early project aims at the construction of a system of worldly concepts, as does trans­cendental materialism. Starting with the thinking of this influential German philosopher, the objective of Rainer E. Zimmermann’s novel approach is to interpret all of this with a view to the totality of what can be cognitively observed, thus establishing the complete system of the world (in the sense of Hans Heinz Holz: the Gesamtzusammenhang) within a unified theory of the possible structures of knowledge. This totality is associated with a dialectic form which determines its processuality. On his way to an encompassing theory of the world as a procedural structure Rainer E. Zimmermann surveys a wide range of distinguished authors who dealt with similar questions, beginning with Spinoza up to the very present. He brings together famous accounts and opinions both from the philo­sophical and the scientific field of research in order to create a coherent, scientifically based conclusion on how to settle many of the questions raised hereby.

Rainer E. Zimmermann studierte von 1971-1975 Physik und Mathematik an der TU and FU Berlin, erwarb 1974 sein Diploma am Imperial College in Mathematischer Physik, 1975 sein Diplom in Theoretischer Physik an der FU Berlin, promovierte 1977 in Mathematik an der FU Berlin. Es folgten 1982-1988 Studien in Philosophie, Geschichte und Literatur und 1988 seine zweite Promotion als Philosoph an der TU Berlin. Seit 1995 hat er eine Professur für Philosophie an der UAS München, 1998 folge die Habilitation. In 1999/2000 war er Visiting Scholar at the History and Philosophy of Science Department und Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall, beide in Cambridge (UK), und ist seitdem Life Member of Clare Hall. Seit 2003 ist er an verschiedenen Universitäten in Europa (z.B. Bologna, Salzburg, TU Berlin, Wien), Mitherausgeber von Fachzeitschriften und Mitglied der Leibniz Sozietät, Berlin. Er hat bisher ca. 350 Texte veröffentlicht, darunter 25 Bücher.

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